An initiative to extend and expand the Consumer Data Right beyond the mandate and into the world

The DataRight Plus (DataRight+) initiative is a community project to build upon and extend the technical specifications first created in the production of the Consumer Data Right.

DataRight+ aims to provide an incubator for feature enhancements beyond the mandated obligations present with the Consumer Data Right while looking beyond Australia and into a global context.

  • We are implementor first
  • We are seeking to improve the Consumer Data Right but, more broadly, provide global input into common challenges faced by open data ecosystems
  • We are global promoters of the technical specifications
  • We aren’t endorsed by any government body, although we collaborate with members of government all the same
  • We aren’t legally binding in any way
  • We aren’t a CDR Support service, please use the CDR Zendesk


The DataRight+ initiative develops, manages and maintains multiple sets of specifications across a variety of knowledge specialisations. In addition, we manage and maintain a set of API documentation that is referenced from within these RFC compliant specifications. We collectively refer to this as a Library of specifications with the deliberate intent of enabling others to select specific components they wish to use when building ecosystems.

We do not believe the best interests of an implementor is served through a set of unrelated concepts being merged together into a sea of text but rather individual concepts, carefully specified and reasonably grouped to allow subject-matter experts in specific delivery areas focus on their specific outcomes.


When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via a GitHub issue or Slack before proposing a change.

Fortnightly Consultation

If you want to get more involved in contributing to the DataRight+ initiative we hold a Zoom meeting fortnightly Thursday, 4-5pm AEST. A calendar invite for this meeting can be found here.

DataRight+ is committed to fostering a welcoming community, and we encourage all participants to review our Code of Conduct.


We thank the following people for their valuable contributions to the DataRight+ initiative.

  • perlboy
  • benkolera


If you wish to get in contact with the DataRight+ maintainers please reach out via either Slack or Email.